$.repeat(group, callback)

Description: Begin an sequential loop that iterates instantly for a named thread group.

group – string, optional
a name of the thread group that this loop should be assigned to.
Defaults to the empty string ''.
callback – function(count…), optional
a method that is called once per loop iteration.
All current iteration counts (from inner-most to outer-most loop) are passed as arguments.

The static $.unrepeat() allows to break repeat-loops started this way.

Examples with static instant loop

Example #5: create dynamic tables with instant loops

Imagine you want to add very many table rows automatically so you can fill them with dynamic content.
E.g. a 30 x 200 sized table. Then you need only one callback method creating each cell. The rest is done via a single jQuery chain:

function createCell(x,y) {

My dynamic data: